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1 9-24-2008
FlexGrid partially ignores ScrollHeight and ScrollWidth values from registry


6 9-24-2015
Scrollbar resizing does not work since CF.FlexGrid3 (worked in v2)


1 9-24-2015
Test automation with HP UFT and Jamo Solutions


9 6-24-2015
Problems setting the Column styles


8 9-24-2014
Check box column resolution in grid


2 2-24-2013
Vertical Scrolling Issues


3 11-24-2012
Horizontal scrollbar is visible before the rest of the grid


3 8-24-2012
Re: C1FlexGrid: How to increase Height Row in multiline cell's


4 6-24-2012
Keyboard input and OS platform


4 6-24-2012
C1FlexGrid click on header selects cell


3 5-24-2012
Setting Row Style


3 5-24-2012
Annoying Error with Designer Code


11 10-24-2011
sorting grid and checkbox disapear


2 6-24-2011
Getting column captions with data bindng


2 5-24-2011
Adding Flexgrid to moble device application in VB.NET


3 4-24-2011
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