Automated Build without installing ComponentOne on the build server

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    nugget1p 4 years, 12 months ago


    We are trying to see if it is possible to build applications which utilize C1 components on a build server without having to install C1 on the machine. Is this possible?

    Chris Simmons

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    Mohita130p 4 years, 12 months ago


    Yes, one can build the applications using C1Components on a server without running the C1 installer on it.

    You just need to activate the controls on the machine to avoid the occurence of the nag screen while running the application.


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    nugget1p 4 years, 11 months ago

    Excellent! That appears to have done the trick. At least the build is working now.

    Thanks so much.

  • emmetryan 4 years, 10 months ago

    How exactly do you do this? If I open the project on the Build machine and hit activate when I get the nag screen I get an error "Cannot Find the 'C1LicenseActivation.exe' utility. Please run Setup to re-install the product."

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    Mohita130p 4 years, 10 months ago


    You may download the C1LicenseActivation utility from the following link :

    On running it, you will get a pop-up dialog 'C1Licenseactivation - Activate License'.
    Enter your name, your company's name and the serial key. Click next and do not change
    the default settings. This will activate the license of controls on your system.


  • dlatikay 4 years, 3 months ago


    I've got the same problem and tried the solution with the C1LicenseActivation.exe tool as described above by Mohita.

    The tool asks for a 28 digit licence key.

    Your documentation says, "Beginning February 18th, 2008, ComponentOne distributes serial numbers that are 28 characters long. The old ComponentOne serial numbers are 17 characters. The new serial numbers are comprised of an old serial number followed by 11 additional characters. The new serial numbers can still be used with older versions of ComponentOne products, and vice versa."

    So I entered my 17 character key into the masked text box but the tool does not accept my valid 17 character key and keeps asking, 'Please provide the product Serial Number.'

    How to proceed?

    Daniel Latikaynen

    1. c1-licencing-problem


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    Mohita130p 4 years, 2 months ago

    Hello dlatikay,

    I would request you to please contact the sales team. They would provide you with a 28 character serial key and that should work for you without any issues.

    Phone : 800.858.2739
    Fax : 412.681.4384
    Email-id :


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