Can c1excel Load only the first few rows of an xlsheet

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    Paresh.Naik1p 5 years, 3 months ago

    I am working with excel files whose size is between 70-150MB. Loading a 70MB file takes around 40seconds while loading the 150MB file takes 80 seconds.

    I want to read some content from the first few lines of the sheet.

    I do not want the user to wait for 80 seconds, and was wondering if c1 excel supports a mechanism in which only the first 10 rows can be read, without loading the full file?

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    Reeva113p 5 years, 3 months ago


    There is no way to load a number of rows in C1Excel from MSExcel file. However, you can load a particular sheet with C1Excel component. Here is the code for the same:-

    // Firstly load workbook without worksheet data
    c1XLBook1.Load(FilePath, false);
    // Then load particular Excel file sheet
    c1XLBook1.Sheets[1].Load(FilePath, true);

    Hope it helps.

    Reeva Dhingra

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