DateTime Chart Control in WinForms with Zooming & Scrolling(C#)

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  • pdthekd 5 years, 3 months ago

    I'm newbie to Charting, when i was stumbling to create some chart controls in C# Visual studio 2010 i came across this ( its done using WPF.) (this chart is done using JAVA script)

    I want to create similar chart using WinForms where highliting a certain part of the plotted chart(say Chart1), would plot Chart2 having only the highlighted part(same x-y values) in a larger scale. Hope i have made myself clear about what i want.
    I am able to plot Chart1 and also highlight the Chart parts using the CursorX CourserY properties. I used Events like SelectionRangeChanged and SelectionRangeChanging to create an Event after i highlight. I don't get how to get values form this Chart1 to plot a curve on Chart2. I want 2 plot a realtime chart with AxisXtype = DateTime and AxisYType = integer.
    i need Some help
    thank you

  • 597p
    Reema597p 5 years, 1 month ago


    Apologies for the delay in response.

    You may make use of the CoordToDataCoord() method available under ChartGroups to identify which datapoints exist in the area selected by the user in first chart & then accordingly could show the zoomed out data in the second chart.

    Please refer to the attached sample for the basic implementations details.

    Let me know if you have any specific requirements for the same.


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