gwollman 5 years, 5 months ago

We are having issues with VSreport -C1 Report Designer 8 - version 8.0.20101.177 - Render method. When passing the recordset it seems that if the number of rows exceed 100,000 the method will error out with one of the following errors.
1.) Automation error The object invoked has disconnected from its clients.
2.) Method 'Rendor' of object 'IVReport' failed.

Below is a code snippet from our application.

VSReport1.DataSource.Recordset = rs
VSReport1.DoEvents = True
If VSReport1.IsBusy Then
MsgBox "Please wait until the current report is done."
VSReport1.Render VsPrinter1
End If

NOTE: This also happens in the VSreport Report Designer

We have simplified the recordset and the report so only one field exists in both. We have also tied to create new reports with a different set of data.

Is there a reason for the limit of the number of rows of data? We have tried to run this application/report on a window XP and Server 2008r2 platform and get the same results.