Question about the formula caluation.

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  • zugock 5 years, 8 months ago


    I found that when i assign a formula in a cell, say :

    cell[1, 1].Formula = "1+1";

    the value of the cell (cell[1,1].value) is null.
    even i save the file and then reload the file, the value is null.

    I can only get the right value (in this case "2") if i open the saved file by Micrsoft EXCEL
    and then save it again with Micrsoft EXCEL.

    After the above step, when i open the file again by the C1Excel, it can get the value "2".

    Is there any method that help me to get the calculated value without using Micrsoft EXCEL?

    Thank a lot,


  • 113p
    Reeva113p 5 years, 8 months ago


    I am not sure which build you are using but this was a known issue wherein cell having formulas are not retained if the cell has no prior value. Hence, in case you are using the older build then as a workaround I would request you to set Value property of the same cell to zero before setting up the formula.

    private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    xls = new C1XLBook();
    XLSheet sheet = xls.Sheets[0];
    XLCell acell = sheet[0, 0];
    acell.Value = 0;
    acell.Formula = "1+1";
    } and then save

    However, the issue stated by you works perfectly fine in our latest build without even using Value property anyhow. Hence I would request you to upgrade the same to the latest build.
    Latest build can be found at the below mentioned locations:-

    Hope that helps.

    Reeva Dhingra

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