VSFlexGrid8 - Invalid Serial Number

  • llewis 4 years, 7 months ago

    We have been using VSFlexGrid8(Light) version 8.0.20071.237 for years in a VB6 application that we are on the verge of retiring. While working on the final release my system flaked out and I was upgraded from XP to W7. Now when I open the form with the grid control in VB I get the nag screen. When I enter the serial number I get a "Invalid Serial Number" dialog box? The disk I have installs a version from 2003 but I have updated controls from when we had the subscription. I need to be able to update and compile this application. Is there anyway to make this work?


    Lamont Lewis

  • 23p
    C1_GatimT23p 4 years, 7 months ago


    Can you provide me the screenshot of the nag screen and also I'd need your serial no and build you are using currently of the controls.

    So if you have any issues in posting this information over here, then you may mail it to supportone@componentone.com


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