AUGUST 3, 2015 in HTML5 with 3812 views and 703 downloads

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An interactive geographic dashboard for analyzing demographic data

Built for Visual Studio 2010

Built for .NET 4.0


This is the HTML5 version of the sample written to demonstrate MVVM patterns in Javascript/HTML5 and in Silverlight.

The sample creates a ViewModel that has an Extent property and several information sources. Changing the Extent causes the ViewModel to update the information using ArcGIS online.

The information is displayed in tiles bound to the ViewModel. Clicking a tile will display a corresponding layer on the map.

The sample also has a link that selects the user's current location using HTML5 location services. This is available in most modern browsers (but not in IE8 and earlier).

This sample uses KnockoutJS for MVVM support in JavaScript. KnockoutJS provides declarative bindings in HTML elements. It also provides observable support for object, properties and arrays. This enables "live" bindings in HTML and JavaScript similar to what is found in Silverlight.

The map in this application is an ESRI ArcGIS map widget.

It also uses Wijmo for UI controls that support MVVM in JavaScript. This sample utilizes the Wijmo Bar Chart and Radial Gauge widgets to visualize the data.

GlobalizeJS is used to format the numeric values as currency, percentages or formatted numbers.