AUGUST 3, 2015 in Silverlight with 2516 views and 637 downloads

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Shows demographic information about locations selected on a map.

Built for Visual Studio 2010

Built for .NET 4.0


This is the Silverlight version of the sample written to demonstrate MVVM patterns in Silverlight and in Javascript/HTML5.

The sample creates a ViewModel that has an Extent property and several information sources. Changing the Extent causes the ViewModel to update the information using ArcGIS online.

The information is displayed in "info-graphic tiles" bound to the ViewModel.

The sample also has a link that selects the user's current location using HTML5 location services. This is available in most modern browsers (but not in IE8 and earlier).

Note: In order to run this sample you must install the Esri ArcGIS API for Silverlight. You can obtain this at: