MARCH 3, 2016 in Silverlight with 2215 views and 1377 downloads

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Sample application designed to illustrate MVVM principles.

Built for Visual Studio 2010

Built for .NET 3.5, 4.0


The application Model uses NorthWind data. It generates random sales data since the actual Northwind database only has three years of data.

The application ViewModel uses the raw Model data to generate the following three collections:

- Quarters: Used to select the current Quarter to analyze. The current item is displayed in the application title, above VCR-style buttons used to navigate the quarters.

- SalesByCustomer: Sales for the current quarter, aggregated by customer. This collection is bound to a Map that shows the location and amount of sales. As the user selects different quarters, the map is updated showing geographical sales patterns.

- SalesByCategory: Sales for the current quarter, aggregated by product category.

The application View uses regular and custom controls bound to the ViewModel, and has zero code-behind.

Note: In order to run this sample you must install the Esri ArcGIS API for Silverlight. You can obtain this at: