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Create a user interface that looks like OutlookExpress.

Built for Visual Studio 2010

Built for .NET 4.0

This sample has no code. It contains a single C1Sizer control with four rows and two columns, and several child controls arranged within the C1SizerGrid.

The layout grid was set up at design time with the C1Sizer's grid editor.

Most of the rows and columns were set up as splitters, to the user can resize them at runtime using the mouse.

Some rows were set up as fixed-size, so when the form is resized they are not resized proportionally, but retain their dimension (this is especially useful to set up headers).

One of the grid panes contains a Panel control, which in turn contains a label and a rich text box which are docked within the panel. The C1Sizer itself is docked to fill the form. This shows how the C1Sizer control works with the layout support provided by the .NET framework.