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Shows how to implement ExtendLastCol functionality in the C1FlexGrid for SL/WPF.

Built for Visual Studio 2010

Built for .NET 4.0

The C1FlexGrid for WinForms has an ExtendLastCol property that causes the grid to extend the width of the last column to fill the control, eliminating any extra empty space left over after the last column.

The C1FlexGrid for Silverlight and WPF does not have an ExtendLastCol property. Instead, they implement column star-sizing, which allows the developer to control which columns should extend and by how much. This is a much more powerful and flexible mechanism.

However, note that simply setting the width of the last grid column to a star length is not enough to achieve the functionality of the ExtendLastCol property. You must also set the column's MinWidth property to ensure that the column will not shrink to zero width (ExtendLastCol used the column's Width property as the minimum).

Summarizing, the code below is all you need to mimic the ExtendLastCol functionality in the C1FlexGrid control for Silverlight or WPF:

// C#
_flex1.Columns[2].MinWidth = 180;
_flex1.Columns[2].Width = new GridLength(1, GridUnitType.Star);