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How To: Export Multiple C1TrueDbGrids to a Single PDF

June 16, 2014 in WinForms by Reeva

Exporting data to a PDF file is one of the most commonly preferred features in the .NET world. The essential ComponentOne TrueDbGrid for WinForms control has in-built support… Read the rest.

Adding C1Themes to an existing WinForms application

April 25, 2014 in WinForms by C1_Dima

In this post I will show how to add C1Themes support to an existing WinForms application. The application I will be using is the C1dView sample shipped… Read the rest.

Displaying Summarized Data in C1PrintDocument

January 24, 2014 in WinForms by Pragati Kaushik

Calculating summary of records in a table is very important from the point of view of data representation. This blog is all about summarizing data in a RenderTable of C1PrintDocument.… Read the rest.

Dynamic C1PrintDocument Generation Based on Page Size

January 17, 2014 in WinForms by Pragati Kaushik

Generally, when the records are rendered on a C1PrintDocument, they adjust according to the page size and if there is not much space available, the content is split across pages.… Read the rest.

Tips & Tricks in C1PrintDocument

December 6, 2013 in WinForms by Pragati Kaushik

C1PrintDocument component allows you to create complex documents that can be printed, previewed or exported to a number of external formats. In this blog, I would like to discuss a couple… Read the rest.