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Drill down into TreeMap

Introducing TreeMap Charts for .NET


August 8, 2017 in .NET by Ankit Gupta

Introduced with the 2017 v2 release of ComponentOne Studio, TreeMap charts are the latest addition to FlexChart for WinForms, WPF, and UWP. Specifically designed to visualize hierarchical data, TreeMap makes… Read the rest.

Three Ways to Use FlexChart


April 25, 2017 in .NET, Desktop, WPF by Erin Sloan

While many of the examples you'll see in the FlexChart demos and documentation are geared toward quarterly sales reports and dashboards, you can take your charts out of the financial… Read the rest.

Track website visitors in a funnel chart

How to Use Funnel Charts to Summarize Data in Apps


April 13, 2017 in .NET, ComponentOne Studio, Data Visualization, Desktop, Mobile, MVC, UWP, Web, WinForms, WPF by Ankit Gupta

The ComponentOne Studio FlexChart's addition of Funnel chart—an excellent tool for summarizing data—enables your users to quickly visualize stages in a linear process. Most often it's used to show sales… Read the rest.

How to Apply Grouping and Aggregates in .NET Reports Charts


February 2, 2017 in .NET, Data Visualization, Reporting & Documents by Shilpa Sharma

Some special features are commonly present in charts in reports. Data aggregation is a common concept when it comes to showing aggregated data in reporting. FlexReport's FlexChartField's data can be… Read the rest.


Video: Get Started with FlexRadar, a WinForms Radar and Polar Chart


January 24, 2017 in .NET, Data Visualization, Desktop, Video, WinForms by jody.handley@grapecity.com

Get started with FlexRadar, a WinForms radar and polar chart control. This one-minute video walks you through all the necessary steps to get a radar/polar chart in your WinForms data… Read the rest.


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