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How to use NoSQL in a .NET Report


February 23, 2017 in .NET, ComponentOne Studio, Reporting & Documents by Shilpa Sharma

NoSQL databases are popular because of their speed and cost advantages over more structured databases, and in this blog, we're walking through how to use NoSQL in a .NET report… Read the rest.

How to Apply Grouping and Aggregates in .NET Reports Charts


February 2, 2017 in .NET, Data Visualization, Reporting & Documents by Shilpa Sharma

Some special features are commonly present in charts in reports. Data aggregation is a common concept when it comes to showing aggregated data in reporting. FlexReport's FlexChartField's data can be… Read the rest.


Introducing FlexViewer, a WPF Report Viewer


January 18, 2017 in .NET, ComponentOne Studio, Desktop, Reporting & Documents, WPF by Shilpa Sharma

With the 2016v3.5 release, you can now use FlexViewer for WPF (Beta) a full-fledged WPF report viewer for FlexReports. Modern UI  The FlexViewer control for WPF includes modern icons… Read the rest.

Introducing New FlexChartField in FlexReport


January 18, 2017 in .NET, ComponentOne Studio, Desktop, Mobile, Reporting & Documents, UWP, WinForms, WPF by Shilpa Sharma

As of January's Service Pack, you can take advantage of a new high-performance FlexChartField (Beta) to complete your reports' data visualisation needs. Its powerful and flexible data binding make adding… Read the rest.

What's New in ComponentOne Studio 2016 v3.5


January 18, 2017 in .NET, Desktop, Grids & Data Management, Mobile, MVC, Reporting & Documents, UWP, Web, Web API, What's New, WinForms, WPF by jody.handley@grapecity.com

We're pleased to announce GrapeCity's January service pack, also known as 2016 v3.5! We're kicking off 2017 with a bang: FlexReport is now available in WPF. If you're already a… Read the rest.


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