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Windows Forms Development Can Be Modern and We Support it with Studio for WinForms


July 7, 2014 in .NET, Desktop, WinForms by Dan Beall

It is our job as a developer tools company to develop tools on the latest platforms to help you stay on the leading edge. That may make you think we… Read the rest.

Universal Windows App Road Map


April 11, 2014 in .NET, Mobile, Windows Phone, WinRT XAML by Greg Lutz

At Build Microsoft announced a new XAML platform for building universal apps that target both the Windows Store and Windows Phone. You can download this platform as part of Visual Read the rest.

Creating a Range Bar Temperature Chart for the Windows Store


December 30, 2013 in .NET, Mobile, WinRT XAML by Greg Lutz

Temperature graphs, as seen in the Bing Weather app for Windows, are a variation of a High-Low or a Gantt chart sometimes called a range bar chart. Each plot… Read the rest.

Mimic the Windows 8 Xbox Music App with C1TabControl


October 29, 2013 in .NET, Mobile, WinRT XAML by Greg Lutz

The C1TabControl allows you to display multiple pages of content while saving screen real estate. Using the C1TabControl we can replicate the UI of the new Xbox Music Windows 8.1… Read the rest.

ComponentOne Russ Cam Unplugged : New Series! Increasing Popularity of Phone apps


September 17, 2013 in .NET, Evangelists, RussCam by Russ Fustino

In this first episode of Russ Cam® Unplugged, Microsoft MVP and Nokia Developer Ambassador, Bill Reiss delivers a great session on increasing your Windows Phone apps popularity.  The goal is… Read the rest.


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