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How to use Edit Template Feature for WinRT Controls


November 30, 2015 in .NET, ComponentOne Studio, Mobile, Samples, WinRT XAML by C1_Tim

This is a frequently asked question in our forums. Both Visual Studio and Expression Blend allows creating a copy of default control style or template and use it in your… Read the rest.

Upgrade Existing WinRT Application to Universal Windows Platform (UWP)


November 5, 2015 in .NET, Desktop, Mobile, Samples, Scheduling, UWP, WinRT XAML by C1_Tim

This article describes upgrading C1Calendar sample application from WinRT to Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Attached WinRTCalendarSample is Universal Windows 8.1 application targeting Windows and WindowsPhone platforms. We will convert it… Read the rest.

How to Upgrade Extended GridView from WinRT to Universal Windows Platform (UWP)


October 11, 2015 in .NET, Desktop, Mobile, UWP, WinRT XAML by Irina Pykhova

Introduction: Display Tiled Content with GridView Windows 8 Start screen introduced a new approach to organize a list of items or application navigation area. Microsoft’s GridView control is a great… Read the rest.

ComponentOne Studio

What's New in ComponentOne Studio, 2015 v2


July 14, 2015 in .NET, ASP.NET, ComponentOne Studio, Desktop, LightSwitch, Mobile, MVC, Reporting & Documents, Silverlight, Web, What's New, WinForms, WinRT XAML, WPF by jody.handley@grapecity.com

We're thrilled to announce the ship of our second major release of 2015! Below you'll find all the top features and enhancements, controls, and editions we're releasing. If you're already… Read the rest.


3 Surprising Extensions for Grids: Create Your Own iTunes, TV Guide, and Calendar


May 7, 2015 in .NET, ASP.NET, Data Visualization, Desktop, Grids & Data Management, HTML5, Mobile, MVC, Silverlight, Web, Wijmo, WinForms, WinRT XAML, WPF by jody.handley@grapecity.com

A developer cannot live on grids alone—but that doesn't mean you can't make some serious interface magic with one. Here are three examples of FlexGrid being bent, twisted, and shaped… Read the rest.


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