FlexGrid Performance: Compare WinForms, WPF, UWP Performance


March 10, 2017 in .NET, Desktop, Grids & Data Management, Mobile, UWP, WinForms, WPF by Irina Pykhova

Since WPF's first release, people keep discussing whether its performance is comparable with WinForms, or whether this platform will eventually die. Now we're seeing the same questions about UWP. Let's… Read the rest.

UWP FlexGrid Performance Review: Our Methodology and Results


March 9, 2017 in .NET, Desktop, Grids & Data Management, Mobile, UWP by Irina Pykhova

We released our first UWP Beta in 2015. Since then, Microsoft has released several platform updates and we also made a lot of changes on our side to make our… Read the rest.

WPF DataGrid Performance Comparison: Our Methodology and Results


July 8, 2016 in .NET, Desktop, Grids & Data Management, WPF by Irina Pykhova

It's about 10 years since the first official release of WPF. We started our XAML development almost at the same time. Even with such a long history, we're still trying… Read the rest.


Developing an Adaptive Layout in UWP and Windows 10


January 22, 2016 in .NET, Desktop, Mobile, Samples, Scheduling, UWP by Irina Pykhova

Developing a great adaptive layout has changed a bit for .NET developers since the launch of UWP and Windows 10. Let's look at best practices for creating a flexible, responsive… Read the rest.


Highlights of Visual Studio 2015


August 19, 2015 in .NET, Industry News by jody.handley@grapecity.com

David Davis over at Software Development Times published a terrific blog featuring an in-depth review of Visual Studio 2015. My favorite highlights: Microsoft's embracing its relationship with Xamarin, which is… Read the rest.


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