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Best way to manage state when Spread has large data- Part II

January 15, 2015 in ASP.NET, Spread, Spreadsheets by DeepakSharma14

Continuing my previous blog here we would discuss other two approaches of managing state with ComponentOne Spread for ASP.Net i.e. 1. Saving Data to SQL Database. 2. Loading data… Read the rest.


Performance Tuning GridView for ASP.NET Wijmo

January 13, 2015 in ASP.NET, ASP.NET Wijmo by Prabhakar Mishra

The GridView for ASP.NET Wijmo has gone through some fine tuning in the last couple of releases. We have been working hard to add new features and at the same… Read the rest.


Working with GeoJSON Data and ComponentOne Maps

January 5, 2015 in ASP.NET, ASP.NET Wijmo, MVC by Prabhakar Mishra

GeoJSON is an open source format for encoding geographical features into JSON format. The features include points to encode addresses and locations, line strings to depict streets, highways and boundaries,… Read the rest.

Getting Started with Creating Hierarchical C1GridView

December 17, 2014 in ASP.NET by manpreetkaur

Hierarchical data display is a very common way of presenting related data. With the 2014v3 release of Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo, C1GridView now supports Hierarchical display. C1GridView,… Read the rest.


Getting Started with TreeMap for Studio ASP.NET Wijmo

December 10, 2014 in ASP.NET, ASP.NET Wijmo, MVC, Wijmo by Prabhakar Mishra

Treemaps are an unique way of visualizing hierarchical data, they can be used to represent financial data, space usage or to visualize any hierarchical data. The ComponentOne TreeMap control displays hierarchical data… Read the rest.